Tiered royalties for fall 2020 are due on October 6, 2020 and November 5, 2020. 4. Question. If I sign the credit agreement, do I have to pay for the instalment payment plan? One. You have a choice. You can pay for your full assessment or the minimum payment requirement to use the payment plan. You will only be included in the instalment payment plan if your balance is not paid in full until the published tax due date. 19. Question. When will this statement be available? One. The online account statement can be created at any time upon request and displays the latest available information about your account. An online account statement is available on your PAWS account. Perform the following steps to view your billing account.

Step 5: ACH Payment Agreement Check the payment and agreement information. If you agree, enable I agree. If you disagree, click Cancel. Click Cancel or Continue. 10. Question. When are my payments due? One. Your PAWS account displays the exact data on which your measurements are due. 2. Question. Do I have to sign a credit agreement every semester? One. Once your credit agreement has been accepted and you remain in a good reputation, you will be entitled to each fall and spring semester.

You only need to sign the electronic version of the credit agreement once, unless the terms of the agreement change. Each fall rate has a due date by which payment must be received (early October and early November). Each spring rate has a due date by which payment must be received (mid-February and mid-March). You must display PAWS for specific due dates. Failure to pay your monthly payment or a tax for PAWS up to the due date may result in late payment fees, financing fees and a Bursar Hold on your account. This block limits future enrollment, release of transcripts, and other campus services. Outstanding PFOTE fees and monthly fees are subject to a financing fee of 1% per month. For more information, please see installment plan. If you enroll in courses or make changes to your registration through your online account for Panther Access to Web Services (PAWS), you are financially committed to UWM….