A union wishing to obtain a wage certificate must apply to the Chief Labour Officer for a certificate attesting that the union is designated as a representative to negotiate with the employers of the workers on behalf of the class of workers listed in the collective agreement. A form of discrimination against women has also been found in many collective agreements, particularly with regard to health insurance and other benefits. Until recently, in most collective agreements between unions and companies, the wives of male workers had employer-provided health insurance, but the husbands of female workers were not covered. Is it necessary to inform a class of workers covered by the collective agreement once it has been concluded? Collective bargaining will take place in good faith between the parties. Workers` representatives may include provisions relating to the class or category of workers to which it relates; working conditions (including working time, rest, meal breaks, annual leave, health and safety measures); remuneration and calculation, the probation period and its conditions; the notice period for termination of employment, transfer and disciplinary action; procedures for the prevention and settlement of disputes arising from the interpretation, application and management of the agreement; and the principle of the agreement between remuneration and productivity. Ghana acceded to the International Labour Organization in 1957 and the Peoples Party Convention (CPP) Government immediately ratified many of the ILO Conventions, including the Kern Conventions, which guarantee workers the right and freedom to form or join trade unions (Convention No. 87), the right to collective bargaining (Convention No. 98), the abolition of forced labour (Conventions Nos. 29 and 105) and equal treatment (Conventions Nos. 100 and 111). Many other ILO Conventions aimed at promoting industrial harmony and workers` well-being have also been ratified. These include conventions on working time in industry, weekly rest, minimum wage fixing, labour inspection, women`s underground work, placement services, women`s night work, social policy, working environment, child labour, employment services and many others. .