Today, HACSU proudly represents people with disabilities and administrators who are changing the lives of people with disabilities every day. HACSU members work across the board, public, private and not for profit services and come from different professions. If you would like to become a member, please visit our online site or if you would like to see the benefits of a membership. You are covered by this new multi-employer agreement if you work for one of the following employers: We monitor how the five providers provide services under a seven-year benefits and monitoring system. The regime strives to ensure that suppliers meet the highest standards of safety, quality of service and staff development. In interviews and workshops, we have defined the strict conditions for transfer. This process also helped determine the evaluation criteria we used to measure and verify the quality of the suppliers selected to provide services. The disability services sector needs highly qualified and professional support staff to help people with the highest quality with disabilities. HACSU believes that adequate compensation and workers` conditions will attract and retain these workers.

We work with suppliers to meet the roadmap, to help people with disabilities, families and staff transfer and to know how to ask questions. Since 2016, we have been designing the transfer with a co-design process. During this time, we worked with people with disabilities, their families, their service providers and our employees. Before any transfer can take place, we ask suppliers to prove that they are willing to provide services. We do this by ensuring that they have reached a number of imposed milestones. Employers who are covered by these regulations are also covered by the Equal Remuneration Order if they are in social and municipal services or in the Social and Community Services Award crisis shelters. This is the highest of the 2 rates. If you have any questions about your new business contract, please contact HACSU Assist on 9340 4100. Pay rates for some workers in the social and municipal services sector are gradually increasing under the Fair Work Commission`s Equal Pay Order.

The increase will apply in full until 2020. HACSU fights not only for workers, but also for the disability sector as a whole. From the beginning, HACSU has been a voice in the delivery of quality services and is committed to increasing resources, resources and services for the Victorian disability sector. To see a copy of the agreement, click here: We used strict criteria to evaluate these suppliers. We have ensured that they meet our quality and safety requirements and have shared our commitment to people with disabilities and staff. The shortlisted bidders were then assessed more generally as part of a tendering process in 2018. HaCSU had been concerned about the cuts of our members for a long time and was fighting hard for conditions. Many employers have started talking about terminating old business contracts and awarding the SCHADS Modern award, which would have resulted in a significant reduction in your terms and conditions. There are also special rates of pay for some social and municipal services and crisis workers in Queensland. This is due to the wage riding provisions adopted in March and December 2012. Learn how we transfer public housing for the disabled and break services.

The Victorian Disability Service (NGO) Agreement 2019 (MEA) has been approved by the Fair Work Commission and you have a new enterprise agreement! The industrial agreement is a sectoral package that depends on the Victorian government`s transitional funding to cover the one-time costs for Victoria and support a skilled and stable workforce for the future.