Although it is not recommended in a trading environment to do business without a contract, executives who have developed a certain relationship of trust with their clients – and vice versa – may feel that a binding contract could be detrimental to art, and therefore do not plan to devote their time to art. It is not recommended to use this method with the most trusting relationships, because money can be a very delicate subject, especially if it maintains the importance of one`s own way of earning a living. Ideally, the management contract should not last more than three years (and certainly no more than five years) and there should be different mechanisms for the artist to terminate the contract if the manager does not achieve different objectives. You will see that the agreement binds them to obtaining a registration agreement. Managers often link provisions for financial performance, but overall they are not particularly useful, as there is always a dispute over whether gross or net income should be used and what the corresponding financial objectives are. “I have possessed you.” Can the manager enter into contracts on behalf of the artist without his prior consent? An artist is usually required to sign a power of attorney to allow the manager to take care of his career management – by making sponsorship agreements, record contracts, branding contracts, etc. Control may also be over the artist`s financial affairs. Who has the bank account? An artist should reserve at least one ounce of control over himself. Don`t leave every aspect of management to your superior! With regard to the first subject, we have very strongly limited the scope of this agreement by linking the Commission to `unlocking`. The general principle is that the commission should only be levied on recorded or written recordings/compositions over the lifetime, which would broaden the scope. There are no strict and quick rules — it is just a matter of negotiation. As far as the provision rate is concerned, there are no rules set in stone. Many managers, if they accept size restrictions, will cling to keeping the commission rate full as long as the artist is paid.

Others will accept a slippery scale, but want longer periods than those shown here. Many managers will agree to reduce the commission rate over a relatively short period of time, but want to be paid at a lower rate (usually 3-5%) As long as the artist is paid. It may also be effective to link the duration of the post-term commission to the time spent on administration. So that you can start with a short application period, which could be increased if the agreement is renewed. We offer artist management contracts that you can download and modify. Now get your management contract for recording artists and live performance artists. If you don`t know the artist or manager well, you can opt for a short-term contract first.