If you want as much expertise as possible, you should also consider hiring a business lawyer to create your limited partnership. It`s certainly a more expensive way, but if you want to be sure that every step is well done – and that all your options have been carefully explored – hiring a lawyer is a great option. 1. The name of the limited partnership and the effective date of the cancellation and, if the name is not available at the time of the restitutio in integrum, the name under which the declaration of recognition must be reinstated; and (4) In the event of a simple sponsorship stop certificate being filed with the Secretary of State or after a simple limited partnership certificate is in effect as intended, the original certificate relating to the single limited partnership, as amended or completed to date, is replaced; From now on, the certificate of the limited partnership is the certificate of the limited partnership, including any other modification or modification that constitutes the certification of the limited partnership of the limited partnership, without changing the original date of creation. 3. If the limited partnership has formed one or more registered series whose certificate of registered series has not been cancelled prior to the filing of the certificate of withdrawal, the name of each of these series is entered; “person”: any individual, entity, corporation, corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership, joint venture, trust, non-communal or state agency, or any agency or political sub-direction of the latter; “Issuer” means The Blackstone Group L.P., a limited partnership that was created under Delaware state law, or a successor. (k) A single limited partnership whose final declaration has been rescinded pursuant to Sections 17-104 (d) or (i) (4) of this title may apply to the Secretary of State for reinstatement after the cancellation comes into effect. (g) The transformation of a Delaware limited partnership pursuant to this section and the termination of its existence as a Delaware Limited Partnership on the basis of a non-delaware unit conversion certificate are not considered to influence the bonds or commitments of the limited partnership that were made prior to this transformation , nor as the personal responsibility of a person who was born before such a transformation. , nor is it considered to jeopardize the choice of law applicable to the limited partnership with respect to the issues that arise prior to this transformation. The fact that a simple limited partnership instrument has been filed with the Secretary of State`s office finds that the partnership is a simple limited partnership and notes all the other facts set out in a single limited partnership certificate.

1 7-201 (a) (1) (3) or . 17-1202 of this title and by section 17-202 (f) of that title, which is included in a limited partnership certificate by the denominations 17-218 b or 17-221 b of that title.